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plog is a perl-based pictures gallery (or photoblog like do you want) with support to on-fly thumbs, image editor embedded, categories, users, and misc options like browse view, JScript's slideshow and chronology view. The main intention of plog, it's provide the easiest way to share your pictures, with the better performance and look & feel that ever. Not only for webmaster, unless all the people that visit the gallery.


  • CronMap, browse your pictures through the time [read more]
  • Image Editor [read more]
  • Send-to a friend [read more]
  • JScript's Slideshow [read more]
  • Thumbs browser view (Admin mode too) [read more]
  • On-fly image resizing (small size and thumbs) [read more]
  • Custom CSS Style platform [read more]
  • RSS Feeder [read more]
  • Random picture to share with others sites (small or thumb delivery) [read more]
  • Download/Upload a picture gallery from one site to your site [read more]
  • Anonymous upload [read more]
  • Full Admin Control [read more]
  • Gravatar support [read more]
  • Multilanguage support[read more]


  • Web Server with support to CGI Perl
  • Image::Magick, DBI::mysql, Net::SSLeay, HTTP::Request, MIME::Base64, Digest::MD5, Net::POP3 and Net::SMTP::SSL Packages (could requiere another packages that "must to be already" or dependecies)
  • MySQL Server (a valid user with a db owner)
  • SMTP Server (a valid user if your SMTP requiere Auth)
  • POP3 Server (if you want to use mobile module)
  • A lot of pics!! (specially cute girls)


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Remember any quesiton you can contact us, please provide full information about your trouble and email it to hxxbin (at) gmail (dot) com || iunknownmx (at) gmail (dot) com. You can join to the maillist too, to receive news, updates and more info about plog project.

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Current version: 0.7
Previous version: 0.6.1
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plog v0.7 by dev-pig (aka hxx) and iunk.